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July in Wyoming

July has been quite a month. The weather in Jackson has been typically all over the place. A few rainy, cool weeks felt lovely and peaceful to me and added drama to the skies and green to the landscape.

Then Alexis came and we played and I didn't paint.

And then I lost my mother. She was 95 and beloved by many. I flew home to Richmond to be with my family. She was a very kind person, a great mother and I will miss her. I am deeply grateful for the support of friends near and far during this sad time.

But back to painting. I'm having this love/ hate relationship with my palette knife. I have always loved the great color that I can get with it, but it can also get pretty messy. Speaking of color, I do feel like this is an area where I have improved. I am spending quite a good bit of time sitting and mixing on my palette. And a lot of time studying the landscape. In other words, I think that my "thinking" and "looking" and "seeing" have gotten better. Now I'm ready for that to translate to my paintings. As usual, it's hard for me to finish. I have always loved the beginning stages of painting the best. Maybe it's because I love drawing so much. Maybe it's because I love the way a painting can look so "loose" in the beginning stages. I'm trying to learn how to progress through and maintain that loose quality. I'm stopping sooner. So what I have now is a big bunch of unfinished work that's waiting for a rainy day.

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