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Summer Painting in the Tetons

I've been working on my "10,000 hours". The muscle memory thing. I believe that people who make the hard stuff look easy have basically put in the time. A lot of things get easier after the first 1000.

So here, in no particular order, is a rough preview of what I've been up to this summer. And I mean rough (the paintings and the photos). Many obviously unfinished... I'm coming for you Jane Joyner! (my most awesome teacher back home)

Really, what's not to love about the journey?

I have discovered that it can be really fun to paint over old "failed attempts" or starts that havent gone anywhere. So some of these paintings could possibly be destined for a little sandpaper and new life as another painting! Interesting things can happen along the way. Here's an example.

I was out painting with my fabulous local plein air painting group and had been painting on this little do-over for maybe 10 minutes when a friend came by and said, "If you sign that now, I'll trade you one of mine". Well when a painter like Skip Larcon says this, you stop and say yes. Here's what I got in the trade.

Made out pretty well.

And lastly, once a week or so I've been able to practice my people skills. The more portraits and figures that I paint, the more I'm feeling that in my heart of hearts, I'm really a portrait painter who just goes out and does landscapes for practice. I am inexplicably drawn to the human form. Go figure. I never would have guessed it when I started painting.


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